Different Services Require Different Skills

Choose us for heavy-duty & commercial towing services in George West, Victoria, Cuero, Kenedy or Needville, TX

Heavy-duty towing involves a more expansive approach than towing companies normally take for regular, light-duty towing. That's why businesses in Needville, George West, Victoria, Cuero and Kenedy, TX prefer working with Cowboy's Wrecker Service for commercial towing services.

We have the expertise and specialized equipment required to tow vehicles of all sizes. Call us when you need a tow.

3 major differences

There are many differences between light- and heavy-duty towing. Here are three of the most important ones:

  1. Equipment- light-duty towing only requires a mid-sized tow truck. Commercial vehicles weigh tons more, and the engines and cargo alike must be handled carefully to reduce additional damage that could occur on the roadway during transport.
  2. Skill level- from understanding how the engine functions to knowing how to securely connect each section of the heavy-duty vehicle to the tow vehicle, commercial towing professionals need specialized knowledge.
  3. Insurance- all towing companies carry insurance to cover any damage to vehicles during transport, but the cost of damage to a heavy-duty engine will incur much higher costs than those of a light-duty vehicle.

When you need high-end commercial towing services, call us first. We'll work hard to help get you back on track.